Who we are

Who we are

There’s quality, then there’s Koalaty!

Austin Jones


Austin had a very non-traditional beginning in the construction industry. It just so happened he had a friend who knew the owners of a small carpentry company and she had to beg them to give Austin a chance as a labourer. The job started off with a lot of moving lumber and getting yelled at, but the first time he saw them build a hand-cut roof with all the math and angles, he was hooked.

Once Austin earned his bachelors degree in business administration and minored in economics, he then went back to the construction industry as site supervisor/project manager roles until he eventually founded Koalaty Construction in 2021. When Austin isn’t overseeing everything that happens at Koalaty Construction you will find him spending a lot of his time reading and educating himself through various mediums to constantly further his knowledge of building best practices and building science.

Brendan Springer


Koalaty Construction welcomed Brenden to our team in the fall of 2022. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in History followed by his Bachelor’s of Education Brenden explored a career in teaching after which he switched to landscaping. It was during his time landscaping that he discovered his true passion of working with his hands and that’s what led him to pursue his carpentry apprenticeship.

Backcountry camping all year round prepared Brenden for his new career working outside in all conditions. When Brenden isn’t working you can find him spending his time finishing his basement for the future enjoyment of his wife and their boys, canoeing, spending time outdoors and watching Premier League soccer. Go, Chelsea!

vision statement

Our vision is to leave the world a little better than we found it through sustainable building practices, investing in people, and bringing our client’s dreams to life.

mission statement

Our mission is to deliver exceptionally high-quality renovations and new homes by taking a long-term approach focused on engaging in better building practices, high performance and sustainability.

Core Values

Who We are

Koalaty Construction is a full-service residential and light commercial builder and renovator focused on delivering exceptional quality to clients through clear communication, fantastic relationships and unparalleled craftsmanship. Founded in 2021 by owner Austin Jones, Koalaty Construction strives constantly to work hard to deliver our quality products to owners all across the province of Ontario.

Integrity: is the foundation

All our relationships, from our customers to suppliers to our business partners, are based on our integrity. At Koalaty Construction, we believe in building trust through honesty and demonstrating consistent, uncompromising dedication to our morals and code of ethics. Integrity is why we back our product with our warranty and why we continue to operate as a company. Without our integrity as the basis of our activity, the whole system collapses.

Teamwork: it Is the structure

Teamwork: it Is the structure

Without teamwork, our company would not have a product to deliver. From the architect or designer who starts the project to the new apprentice who sweeps up on their first day, we all have a valuable role to play and we are all important. It is thanks to the hard work of our valuable team that we continue to be able to offer excellence to our customers. Strong relationships with our team members and business partners are how we structure our business.

Respect: it Is the glue

Respect: it Is the glue

Respect is an essential element of all our relationships. We strive to recognize and value all of our employees for the diversity of their experiences and backgrounds. We offer an inclusive workplace, free from any form of discrimination. We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and comfortable in their work environment and, as such, harassment and abuse in any form will not be tolerated. Respect also means that we treat our clients’ homes as if they were our own.

Open Mindedness: It’s not optional

By listening without judgment and engaging with people who challenge our perspective and systems, we can continue to grow. The construction industry is evolving rapidly and constantly improving. While our processes and systems have a proven track record of quality and success, through our open-mindedness we can constantly re-evaluate them, allowing us to be fluid and adaptable so we can strive to deliver even better products to our customers. From the greenest apprentice to the 40-year veteran, we all have value to add to the bottom line.

Excellence: It is the result

Excellence is simply a byproduct of the synergistic effect of bringing all the other core values ​​together. By building on a foundation of integrity, and working together with respect and open-mindedness, the end result can only be the excellence that we continue to deliver to our customers.

Structural & Timber Framing

Structural & Timber Framing

If you need a barn, large shed, addition, or custom house, Koalaty Construction is here start to finish