Construction services from the best in-house team in Ottawa

What differentiates Koalaty Construction from some of our competitors in the industry is that we have a robust team in house skilled tradespeople who complete the carpentry portions of our projects. This is an asset for a couple of key reasons. The first being that we are not always at the mercy of subcontractors and their schedules. That is not to say that we do not have trade partners who staff our technical weaknesses and complete specialised work like the electrical and plumbing portions of our projects. We have an extensive team of trade partners who we work closely with to execute the plans we make with our clients. However, for many portions of our projects it’s our in-house experts who are the ones on the jobsite making sawdust and creating the spaces that make our clients feel like they are at home.

Structural Framing & Timber Framing

Creating the structure of a home is both highly technical and perhaps even more important to the success of the project than the foundation because it sets up every other tradesperson on that project for success or failure. A painter cannot paint away a wall that is out of square and a finish carpenter cannot hide a wall that is out of plumb so it is very important that it starts right. Our team of skilled carpenters can take on even the most complex builds incorporating high performance and hybrid framing methods and techniques to give the home not only a solid structure but exceptional performance. We also do timber framing using both traditional joinery methods and hybrid methods.

Trim, Crown Moulding & Custom Millwork & Custom Furniture Pieces

The fine little details on a project are what elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary. Complex mouldings, feature walls, and cabinetry are no match for our in-house team. We also strive to fully create a client’s vision so if our clients are struggling to find a piece of cabinetry or furniture that they truly love we can work with our trade partners and in-house crews to create custom one-of-a-kind pieces that complete the vision.

Footings & ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) Foundations

The foundation is arguably the most important part of your home. Which is why it’s so important to us to control that portion of the project. Our in-house team has certified Logix ICF installers who can start your project from the ground up. Starting at the footings and completing with a full foundation ready for framing we put in the care and attention to detail right away so that the rest of the process is smooth and starts off right