Blown Cellulose


-Very cost-effective

-Easy to fit in around pipes and wires

-Made from recycled and sustainable materials and is one of the most environmentally friendly


-Settles over time reducing R-value although not as much as blown fiberglass

-Hold moisture well which can cause mold

-Requires specialized machines to install


Brown Cellulose is a good option if you are on a budget and need to renovate in a tight space with lots of wiring, pipes, and existing infrastructure. It’s also much less expensive than Spray Foam, or Batts, and it’s one of the most environmentally sustainable ways to insulate your house since it is made from most recycled materials. It’s a fine, affordable, short-term solution to insulating your home.

In the long-term however, is where Cellulose suffers. The quality of material will degrade over time and slowly loose it’s R-value, and mold can find it’s way in if there is abundant moisture or humidity throughout the house over long periods of time.

Spray Foam
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