Spray Foam


-Also acts as a vapour control layer as well

-Very high R-value to density ratio( approx. R-6 to R-7 per inch)

-Can actually increase the structural integrity and shear values of your home


-Requires specialized skills and tools to install

-Price is typically the highest with respect to all other materials

-One of the few materials actually fabricated on site so site conditions play a big role in the final product

-Does not do much for sound or acoustic transmission

-Not as sustainable or environmentally friendly as other options

-Flammable and needs to be sprayed with an Intumescent Coating if left exposed

Spray foam is an excellent way to insulate your home, at a cost. While it can protect the integrity of your home and act as a vapour barrier, the cost comes to you wallet and the environment.

It is by far the most expensive way to insulate your home, it does not soundproof as well as other options, it’s the least sustainable way to seal your house, and additional coatings need to be applied under certain conditions.

Blown Cellulose
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  • Spray Foam